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Ok so I separated the goldfish from the cichlids and what about?

OK because of so many great answers I separated the gold fish from the cichlids. And what about the corydora does he go with the goldfish or do I keep him with the texans? And the peacock which of the 2 tanks does he go in. I think my texans are having a love affair...they are always together. I know I have a lot of questions but I messed it all up and need help so please try to answer as much as you can , I really appreciated it. Now also at the end of my plastic plants the metal stem is starting to rust. The texans eat all the real plants so I went with plastic. Can the rust hurt the fish? should I remove them? the water is now quite good and clearing up nice.

Ok so I separated the goldfish from the cichlids and what about?
The gold fishes tail will regrow in time. It will take a while though. If you think the Texas cichlids are interested in breeding, Iwould get every other fish out of the way. They will get rather mean during breeding and attack anything else in the tank including a cory or a peacock.

The rust from your plant stem shouldn't harm the fish, but the first chance you get replace those with all plastic plants made for tanks. You will want to stick with plants that are made for fish tanks to prevent getting plastics or dyes that may be harmful to your fish into the tank.

Sounds like you're doing a good job, keep up the good work and keep asking questions, that's the best way to learn.

Reply:As the Texans mature, they will attack any other fish around them. The cory can go with the goldfish, and should have a few friends since it is a schooling fish. The peacock doesn't fit either tank.
Reply:keep the corydoras with texans.

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Is there any way of deterring peacocks and peahens from coming into my parents' garden?

The peacocks and peahens belong to their neighbour and fly over an 8 foot wall to get into the garden,where they peck at certain plants .Father ,aged 80,is furious if he sees them in the garden and will chase them out.But they come back,sooner or later.

Is there any way of deterring peacocks and peahens from coming into my parents' garden?
give them some peapeas to eat in their own yard. doh!
Reply:At one time the Peacock was the most sought after bird in Europe,both for it's scarcity and plummage.The Vikings would bury one with a recently deceased Jarl along with his other worldly possessions.And you want to shoo such a wonder on nature form your yard? Get an air rifle,the report is no louder than a nail gun,and they may be good eatin'.
Reply:a great big dog would help.

or a roof.

selfaiming shotguns?


The above mentioned file had a list of plants to add to the garden to deter their visits.

I was unable to copy, so just posted the link. Good Luck!

What would happen if all the peacocks are removed from the enviorment?

For the above question study the chain seriously.


What would happen if all the peacocks are removed from the enviorment?
dont get it
Reply:Good question. The real answer is that other species would fill into the gap created by the peacock. If peacocks were eating snakes and stopped, there would be more snakes which would then be food for other animals as well. It might take a while but the whole ecosystem would reach a new equilibrium pretty quickly. The idea is covered by catastrophic theory of animal and genetic development of species. it says that most development of species takes place after catastrophes so that when the peacocks disappear (the catastrophe) a new species will leap into the vacuum created by the extinction.

It would be no fun for the peacocks or for those that admire them either.
Reply:~The peahens would be very lonely.
Reply:If all peacocks are removed from the environment first of all the beauty of the earth will reduce, and secondly along food chain will be affected which will in turn affect us. The food chain is the peacocks eating the snakes, if the popullation of the snakes will increase the frogs, for e.g., will decrease which will cause the mosquitos, flies and other smaller insects will increase causing diseases among humans.
Reply:The peahens would have no mates.

What can i do to bring my aquarium to life?

Hi. I have a 30 gal fish tank and it have a amazon theme. For decoration i have a hollow log and some drift wood. I was thinking about putting live plants buts thats to much work so im going to stick with fake plants. So my questions is what type type of fish i should add. I currently have two dyed tetras, two peacock chiclids, two long fin zebra danios and a lyretail What else should i add. I also have two snails.

What can i do to bring my aquarium to life?
I would get three more long fin danios they do much better in a grouping of five. It also depends if you'd like to breed your pets too. They might fill up your tank faster than you can blink =D
Reply:I would suggest getting more danios and more tetras (if you mean glofish, great. If your fish are actually died, like as in a 'strawberry' tetra, then get some normal ones; dying is cruel). Both these types of fish do well in groups, and to see them act naturally they really need to have more company. Having some real schools will really add life and interest to your tank!
Reply:More tetras.

Not a fan of the dyed ones, normal ones are plenty bright enough. But get a big school of them, they will be much more active in a large group and stand out well against the dark look of an Amazon themed tank.

Also get a small pleco (bristlenose or similar) or a group of otto cats. They will help control the algae, and fit in with the amazon theme.

Reply:Oxygen/aeration. Live plants are more work than the fish?

Peacock cichlids are Africans, thus don't go with an Amazon theme. You need to have at least 6 of any species of tetra and danio you have. A lyretail what?

Cory catfish (again should be at least 6, the julii's are nice, as are many others. Don't get most other types of catfish (like the redtail). 3-4 angelfish, start with medium size one's. Black skirt tetras, and other tetra species. A bristle nose pleco or two. Gouramis, there are lots of beautiful gouramis.

Just make sure you don't overstock.

Some home-loving trick or a solution that prevents my peacocks from eating and stinging the plants and flowers

I have some peacocks and pheasants roaming free in my garden. The problem is that I like them and I like my birds too!!! So theres a torn between plants and birds!!!

I am wondering if somebody have any experience dealing with this same problem and if they got any solution, maybe a homemade repellent or a simple trick to avoid this from ocurring. Dont ask me to get rid of them since both things (gardening %26amp; Exotic birds) are things I really enjoy!

Thanks in advance to all!! Any answer has its own value!!!

Edgar Rossal

Some home-loving trick or a solution that prevents my peacocks from eating and stinging the plants and flowers
I don't know if this will work, but try spraying the plants with Tabasco mixed in water (about one ounce of Tabasco per gallon of water). this works great for keeping mammals away from your plants but I don't know if it will work for birds.
Reply:What do you mean by "stinging" the plants?

All I know is peacocks eat flowers and will even pull them out of the ground. I have several clients who live where they have peacocks roaming the neighborhood. We put up little fences around the annuals right after planting. They are those little green wire metal fences that fold up and are only about 1, 1/2 feet tall. They keep the peacocks out. I don't know about Pheasants thouogh. Good luck.
Reply:Try spraying on a solution of detergent and water. It should help.
Reply:One research says garlic Oil. I'm not sure if this available online but do a search for it. See the 1st link for the complete report. Capsaicin is another try. This is what makes Hot sauce Hot!!!

The 2nd link offers info on Neem (from the neem tree from India) and Pyrethrum which is derived from some African Chrysanthenums (sp). Hope this helps!!!

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Black or Dark Substrate for Peacock Eel/Lightly Planted Aquarium?

Can anyone recommend a top layer substrate for my Peacock Eel to be able to burrow through without getting damaged. I have a bottom layer of Eco-Complete (about 2 inches) so no carbonate substrate (crushed coral is out) can be used for the top layer. I looked at the Flora-Max by Caribsea, but while it says burrower safe, it is not safe for soft bellys. To top off the requirements, I would like something that can be planted lightly as well.

Black or Dark Substrate for Peacock Eel/Lightly Planted Aquarium?
the flora max will work fine.
Reply:I have had a spiny Peacock eel for almost 1 year now, and I use dark color gravel (they will bleach out if you use light colored substrate) that you can purchase at any PETS MART. A word of warning Eel's like to dig up any type of plants.

Do male albino peacock cichlids have eggspots like other peacocks?

I bought two and both have eggspots. They are in a 55 gallon tank with lots of rocks and some plants with four Labidochromis caeruleus. The yellow guys hide all the time. The peacocks swim all over and seem to be getting along. I think the eggspots means they're both males and I'm worried they will eventually attack each other. If that is the case can I buy like four female peacocks or is that too many fish for the tank?

Do male albino peacock cichlids have eggspots like other peacocks?
First, yes the males have eggs spots like other peacocks, so it is likely that you have 2 males.

Adding the 4 females would over load the tank in my opinion. That would only be 10 fish, but peacocks get pretty fair sized and of course all need plenty of space.